Palmer Park (moderate)

Difficulty Time Round Trip
Starting Elevation Distance Area
moderate 2 - 3 Hours 200 - 500 feet 6,300 feet 1 - 4 miles palmer park


Palmer Park is a popular hike with interesting sandstone rock formations, a variety of plant life, access to several picnic areas, and close to a fenced dog park — all in the heart of Colorado Springs.



“This is, infact, a beautiful hike. if you're someone who is out and about often hiking, running, whichever, it's actually not incredibly taxing on you. The ascent is nice and you definitely get a little worn out, but the summit of the trail is a nice reward. Beautiful views. Whoever said "As a rule, stay to the left" was right. There are some baby trails along the way. Just stay on the main trail, the widest part. I'll be back again for sure!”


“My favorite place on the Front Range for a hike/trail run combo. Go counter-clockwise hiking up the steep section, then trail run the rest of the way on the slow decline from the top. Enjoy the beautiful views along the way.”


“Decent hike. Lots of mtn bikers and fellow hikers. The trail is very narrow at some spots making it uneasy and difficult to let the bikers pass by. Lots of tree cover and shade.”


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