Lovell Gulch

Difficulty Time Round Trip
Starting Elevation Distance Area
moderate 2 - 3 Hours 900 feet 8,400 feet 5 miles woodland park


This moderate trail is located just a few miles north of Woodland Park featuring a stream and views of Pikes Peak. Your guide will follow a relatively flat 1 ¼ mile trail to the 3 ¾ mile loop that will take the group through some undulating terrain for a trip that typically lasts three hours. The trail is unimproved and steep in a few areas, so strollers are not advised on this hike. The trail also features a few locations suited for a picnic around the halfway point, so feel free to pack a lunch for the family.



“This was my first real hiking trail since moving to Colorado. Coming from Florida, the elevation changes were quite dramatic. However, the amazing views and wonderful smells along the trail soon made me forget all about how tired and out of breathe I was. My schnauzer had a great time as well. We met only a few other people on the trail and were greeted warmly by all. P.S. I picked up the doggy poo and carried out of the forest.”


“The trail was really nice. Very well kept and absolutely no garbage on the trail. The trail was easy to follow and well marked . As other reviewers said, the trail is shaped like a balloon on a string. You start at the bottom of the string and then go around the balloon and finally back down the string. There is some good views, cool boulders, and plenty of trees. I got more of a forest hiking vibe than a mountain vibe. The best part of the hike was lack of other people . Very few people were on the trail. I was there on a Friday around 5:30pm and didn't see another person.”


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