Pancake Rocks

Difficulty Time Round Trip
Starting Elevation Distance Area
moderate 6.5 Hours 1,670 feet 9,700 feet 6.3 miles pikes peak


Enjoy a popular four-season hike with unique rock formations, astonishing views and subalpine zone vegetation; including Blue Spruce, Limber Pine, and Aspen trees. You will appreciate the challenge and rewards of hiking at higher elevations without the extra stress of trying to summit a fourteener!  This is also a great hike if you also want to explore Cripple Creek.



“One of the finest day hikes in the Pikes Peak region. The trail offers it all–spectacular mountain scenery, willow-lined beaver ponds, hillsides of shimmering Aspen, far-reaching views, and unusual granite rock formations.”


“Great hike, mostly covered w/ trees. Minimal snow that’s easily hikeable with regular shoes. Steep in sections. The payoff is in the end, not a ton of views before then. But a great view once you get there!”


“Love this trail and have hiked it several times over the years and seasons. Hiked this today 12/23/18 and the trail was covered in snow. Still a fantastic hike with great views at the top - lots of up hill so also a great whole body workout. If you hike this for the first time in the winter I highly recommend dressing accordingly with the right gear: Shoes that are insulated and waterproof, crampons/metal claws for your shoes (this really helps w/ ice!), wool socks, warm layered clothing, coat, gloves, beanie etc. having the right gear has made a world of difference for me with winter hikes, and makes it way more enjoyable.”


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