Palmer Park

Difficulty Time Round Trip
Starting Elevation Distance Area
easy 2 Hours < 300 feet 6,500 feet 1 - 3 miles palmer park


Palmer Park is the perfect starter hike for families and dog lovers! It offers a flat, mesa-top stroll with tremendous views of Colorado Springs and the surrounding Front Range–all hidden in the heart of Colorado Springs. The hike can include sections in an authorized dog run area so your furry friend can run free and meet other dogs!



Awesome trail! You get a variety of different terrains and an awesome view of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. took us about 2.5 hours and went closer to 4 miles according to Apple watch. the trail is a little muddy at times and there were a couple trees to climb over but it was great overall!! our small dogs did well too


Lot of fun. We took forever because I have toddlers. But they did really well on the trail. Stopped and turned around when one sat on a cactus. We’ll be back.


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