Ute Valley

Difficulty Time Round Trip
Starting Elevation Distance Area
easy 3 Hours 120 feet 6,545 feet 1 - 3 miles ute valley park


Ute Valley Park Loop Trail is a beautiful city park trail in the heart of Colorado Springs. Even though you are in the city, you feel miles away in the mountains. A well-defined marked trail is an easy choice for beginners with some slight elevation gains that result in stunning views of Pikes Peaks and Colorado Springs.



This is a great open space area with various trails none of which are too hard or steep. Dogs are supposed to be leashes but not everyone follows that rule. There’s also a lot of bikers that use these trails and they do look great for that activity. Be aware if you’re hiking though because they can come up pretty fast behind you without warning. Very pretty views of the city and mountains. It has ridges and a beautiful valley in between. Perfect spot!


I would recommend this trail to anyone. Very easy and wide enough to share with bikers. Beautiful scenery and easy hike.


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