Twisted Trees

Twisted Trees


Difficulty Easy

Time 2 Hours

Round Trip Elevation < 500 Feet

Starting Elevation 7,400 Feet

Distance 1-4 Miles

Area Fox Run

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This easy loop trail winds through the Fallen Timbers Wilderness Area in Fox Run Regional Park.  Your guide can vary the trail length from 1 mile to 4 miles so this is a perfect choice for families with small children or strollers. The hidden secret on this trail is the chance to see numerous Culturally Modified Trees (CMTs).  Your Hike for Life guide will show you some of the best examples of these “twisted trees” while explaining the history of the trees, the types of CMTs, and other aspects of park planning.  This park also includes picnic areas and playgrounds, so it is an ideal option for families or groups who want to picnic after the hike.